14 Feb 2016 | Forced Walks

Extinct orchids

Last day in Germany we returned to the garden centre on the edge of the slave labour camp, Waldeslust. Somehow seemed appropriate to make the full circle and to buy an orchid grown on the site. It was as if … Continue reading →

06 Feb 2016 | Forced Walks

Walk Day 2: Winsen to Belsen

thoughts and comments from Richard White: Indifference is granular, as we walk deeper into all this, into ourselves, history and the terrain we find fewer explanations and more to make sense of. The heroic carpenter of Winsen who hid the … Continue reading →

04 Feb 2016 | Forced Walks

Walk Day 1 From Ovelgonne to Winsen

It begins again. At first its a history tour, a site visit then as the conversations begin and the elements take their toll, emotion and contemporary resonances start to manifest themselves. We hear of a phone call, only yesterday, an … Continue reading →