04 Oct 2019 | LucyFurLeaps

Cambridge Road Estate Tree Poems

Below are two of the poems I wrote specially for and read on Alison Fure’s Walk with Jane Soundwalk with the Museum of Walking back in September. There is another soundwalk taking place on Saturday 19th October from 10.30am. It is FREE but please book via the Walk with Jane website. See Alison’s blog for … Continue reading Cambridge Road Estate Tree Poems →

30 Sep 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-09-30 07:36:00

Welcome to the LV21Let's Take a Moment : A Walk for Reflect; Arts and Minds, Gravesend, Kent.produced through Thread and WordOctober 11th , 12th and 13th 3pm meet @LV21, an arts and performance venue on a Light Ship, moored  at St Andrew...

04 Sep 2019 | LucyFurLeaps

Walk with Jane on the Cambridge Estate

Alison Fure is leading a Soundwalk as part of her Walks with Jane project, in conjunction with The Museum of Walking, through the Cambridge Estate in Kingston Upon Thames, this Saturday evening, 7th September, 2019. From the Museum of Walking website event page:                       This … Continue reading Walk with Jane on the Cambridge Estate →

29 Aug 2019 | LucyFurLeaps


Meaning “sod, turf” developed from the notion of the “skin” of the earth (compare Old Norse grassvörðr, Danish grønsvær “greensward”). Walking the central reservation of the A240 Kingston Road, from Tolworth Roundabout to the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames boundary with the Borough of Epsom and Ewell. The project is called ‘Sward’ after reading … Continue reading Sward →

24 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day Eight

The morning was muggy, with rain threatening to make the day a challenge. When we started walking, though, the sun came out, and the rain didn’t materialize. It was a perfect day for walking. Everyone was up early this morning, which was a good thing, because there was lots to do. We had to launder […]

23 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day Seven

Just as we finished walking yesterday, it started to rain. We were all glad to be staying in the rectory at St. Laurent-Grandin, out of the wet. The rain stopped while we were getting a tour of the site of a fur-trading post nearby. Two posts, actually: the Northwest Company and the Hudson Bay Company […]

22 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day Six

Last night was windy and I thought I heard rain hitting the bivvy. In the morning there was only the wind. The day promised to be hot but that wind, which made breaking camp a challenge, kept us cool. Last night I also went to see Paul Lapointe’s studio north of Batoche. I liked his […]

22 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day Five

Tuesday night we visited the Tourand’s Coulee/Fish Creek battle site where, during the 1885 Resistance, 120 or so Métis fighters made a much larger force of British regulars and Canadian militia to retreat, delaying their assault on Batoche for more than two weeks. The Métis Elder, Pat Adams, who showed us the area, explained the […]

20 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day Four

We got off to a late start this morning; a set of car keys went missing. (They reappeared.) It had been a cold, damp night, and I was happy to get a hot shower. There was a kitchen, too, so no fiddling with camp stoves at breakfast. Such luxury! Last night we were well treated, […]

19 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day Three

Rain on the bivvy sack woke me this morning. It sounded worse than it was: a mere sprinkle, hardly enough to make a difference in this dry season. But it was a useful dry run for the possibility of a serious rain while I’m sleeping out. I mean, I can hardly get out of the […]

18 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day Two

This morning, Hugh handed out buttons bearing the Cree word Louise Halfe, one of the 14 people walking to Fort Carlton, suggested as the theme for our walk: asohtêwak, “together the hearts walk.” It’s a lovely statement about the possibility of deep connection that can be created when we walk together, literally or metaphorically. Cree […]

17 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

Carlton Trail Walk, Day One

The day started off cold and windy, and the people who came out to see us off at Original Humboldt (the site of a nineteenth-century telegraph station that became a small settlement) felt sorry for us. “Oh, it’s too cold to walk,” one woman said. “They’ll freeze.” I was glad I had packed a winter […]

09 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

A Walk Around Town

I was particularly cranky this morning, partly because I didn’t get enough sleep, and partly because I’ve been sitting at my little table day and night since we returned from Scotland. It was time to go for a walk.   This wasn’t going to be nonfunctional walking; I had errands to run (books to pick […]

05 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

87. Henry David Thoreau, Walking

There are many passages from Henry David Thoreau’s lecture Walking, published after his death in 1862, that show up in any survey of writing about walking. But there is a lot more going in in Thoreau’s text than those frequently quoted statements. Rather than being focused on walking, most of the text addresses another topic […]

04 Aug 2019 | Reading and Walking

86. Erling Kagge, Walking: One Step at a Time

Ironically, I read about Erling Kagge’s Walking: One Step at a Time during our recent walking holiday, in a review essay by Michael Lapointe that concludes with some skepticism (to say the least) about the liberating or critical possibilities of walking. Lapointe’s skepticism is well-taken, but I wanted to follow up on his sources, so […]

24 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Walking to (and around) Jupiter Artland

When Christine was in Edinburgh several years ago, she heard about a nearby sculpture park called Jupiter Artland. It wasn’t yet open for the summer, and when she knew she would be in Glasgow this month, she excitedly bought tickets online. It was an easy walk from the local train station, she was told, and […]

21 Jul 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-07-21 16:36:00

The LV21 Gravesend , two walks and a tactile bench in OctoberA Commission, Soundscape, blog, research and funding.An MA in Creative Events Management at Falmouth UniversityWell it's been a while and there is  a lot happening. Commission ...

21 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Whithorn Way, Day Six

The pilgrimage to Whithorn doesn’t end at the ruins of Whithorn Priory. It continues with a trip to St. Ninian’s Cave, where the saint repaired for private devotions, and a walk to Isle of Whithorn, where a now-roofless stone chapel dedicated to St. Ninian’s stands. We’re going the opposite way of medieval pilgrims, who would […]

20 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Whithorn Way, Day Five: Arrival

It was pouring rain when I got up this morning, but by the time we’d finished our massive full Scottish breakfast, the sun was shining and it stayed shining all day. Our landlord drove us to Mochrum, where we began our short(ish) walk to Whithorn. On the way, he explained how a man in his […]

19 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Whithorn Way, Day Four

Last night, Peter Ross, one of the group who are working to revive the Whithorn Way, stopped by our lodgings (a renovated shed named Nadav’s Hut) to say hello. He was kind enough to take Matthew and Christine to a nearby village (I needed a nap) where they bought some food for breakfast and, more […]