15 Oct 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-10-15 07:26:00

Thread and Word - A Walk with Shrines.A film with footage of processional walking and of offerings created to form a liturgy to four books by four authors at The Autumn Bookie in Margate. An introduction by Andreas Loizou , founder and director of...

11 Oct 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Walking Movements

Walking is not just a pastime or mode of transport in London – it’s a whole way of being, looking at and interacting with the city.  As a walking enthusiast and advocate, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting up with some fantastic movements and groups that have the art, science or wonder of urban walking … Walking MovementsRead More »

04 Oct 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-10-04 15:06:00

In The Winter Gardens, MargateA Walk with Shrines'The Hoarder'by Jess KiddHere a final blog on our authors. Last but by no means the least, we responded with offerings to Jess Kidd's  book  published in America as, 'Mr Flood's Last Resort, an...

03 Oct 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-10-03 10:44:00

A Walk with ShrinesA photo Diary of Ofrendas made by artists/makers for 'Madonna of the Mountains' by Elise Valmorbida Photography by Anastasia MillerWork in progress Sharon RoweThe work made by Sharon Rowe was completed and is included in &n...

02 Oct 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-10-02 11:55:00

 photography, with thanks, Anastasia MillerA Walk with Shrines with The Margate BookieA Walk with Shrines was part of Margate Festival 2018:Now, which was funded by Turner Contemporary, Dreamland and Kent County Council.'Ofrendas' made by artists/...

01 Oct 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Letting Go

The sun shone for our final Self-Boss Networking Walk.  It was a moving, bonding and uplifting experience.  We enjoyed the park at its colourful, green, blue skied, creative finest.  Conversation traversed cycling, walking art, Brexit, secondary schools, the National Park City movement and all manner of subjects, but was held together by a core exploration … Self-Boss Networking Walk – Letting GoRead More »

01 Oct 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-10-01 07:25:00

A Walk with Shrines - Owen Lowery, Transitions PoetryHere images of four 'Ofrendas' made by artists/makers/authors in response to #OWLOWERY 's Transitions Poetry Margate Bookie.Our film 'Ofrendas' made with support from  Arts Counci...

26 Sep 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

The Moon Over Tolworth

In the mundane modern semi-detached suburbs slippers, gravel, teatime tables GCSE revision the Moon guides me home welcomes me to this season with its golden corona moonflower harvest sky   The Moon ~O~   I speed down the A3 toward Tolworth Tower follow the curve of the road there it is again on the right … Continue reading The Moon Over Tolworth →

23 Sep 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-09-23 13:32:00

A  Filming day for  "Ofrendas" 'Ofrendas' is a short film which will be shown before  A Walk with Shrines at The Margate Bookie on Saturday September 29th at 10.30 a.m. at Turner Contemporary, as a part of The Margate Bookie.A Walk ...

17 Sep 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

A Year of Self-Boss Networking Walks

We walked in all weathers and all seasons.  We walked with people engaged in all sorts of businesses and explored many routes through the Olympic Park.  Above all, we connected with each other.  We networked in an uplifting, different way and took time out to reflect on our work and how we work.  This has … A Year of Self-Boss Networking WalksRead More »

16 Sep 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Ancient Droves and the Tolworth Area Plan

“The poetry of earth is never dead: When all the birds are faint with the hot sun, And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run From hedge to hedge, about the new-mown mead; That is the Grasshopper’s.” On the Grasshopper and Cricket, John Keats In the midst of the summer heatwave and haze, we … Continue reading Ancient Droves and the Tolworth Area Plan →

28 Aug 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-08-28 16:40:00

Pilgrimages, Shrines, Walking, Making Labyrinths and Story Telling.In her talk at the conference  Beyond The Pedestrian: Walking in Research, Theory, Practice and Performance in Liverpool on July 26th Professor Dee Heddon stated that we learn...

18 Aug 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-08-18 06:06:00

Slow Looking - Exploring the relationship between weaving, threading, walking and the landscape .A long Walk to Nowhere, through Thread and Word part of the Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme 2018A visual reflection on a walk for the Whitstab...

17 Aug 2018 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2018-08-17 09:56:00

A Walk with Thread and Word for The Margate Bookie September 2018 An Invitation  This is a walk as pilgrimage creating shrines for the Margate Bookie September 2018 by Thread and Word. Led by Elspeth PenfoldDrawing inspiration from Dee H...

09 Aug 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Walk the Ancient Droves of Tolworth Court Farm, Sunday 12th August

The latest in our series of Tolworth Treasure and the Hogsmill Hum walks is a walk across Tolworth Court Farm Fields, our local nature reserve. We will meet at the white bridge over the Hogsmill / Bonesgate Stream at 11am and take you on a journey through the ancient fields of Tolworth Court Farm, which … Continue reading Walk the Ancient Droves of Tolworth Court Farm, Sunday 12th August →

08 Aug 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Why Rest is my Current Business Goal

This month’s Self-Boss Networking Walk explored the importance of rest and wellbeing.  When we work for ourselves we are our business.  That is, without us there is no business.  Consequently attending to our own wellbeing becomes as fundamental as any other business process. I believe very strongly that work and wellbeing are not opposing forces.  … Why Rest is my Current Business GoalRead More »

08 Aug 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Wellbeing

“The walk allowed me to make meaningful connections, share personal and business challenges and gain some fresh perspective. All within a beautiful setting that promoted clear thinking and new ideas to flourish.  I just loved this experience of fresh air networking. This is networking made easy (even for shy people as one only needs to talk to … Self-Boss Networking Walk – WellbeingRead More »

06 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Afterthoughts

I’m exhausted today, of course, and my legs don’t feel like cooperating when I ask them to climb stairs or walk across the room. That’s to be expected. I should’ve taken two days to finish the last 40 kilometres of my walk. But I didn’t. I decided to leave everything on the road and push […]